July 23rd, 2014

A Winning Combination:  Harmony and a Mindset

By Ron Nakamoto

I enjoyed this article by Jeff Mask, Vice President of Infusionsoft.  In the article, Mask uses the musical harmony of a singing quartet as a metaphor for the harmony that he discovered in his life, rather than futilely striving for "balance".  He describes what constitutes harmony: blending the parts together, being authentic, engaging in give and take, communicating clearly, and committing to harmony.

I think that Empowered Wealth's concepts can add something to Mask's ideas.  Mask suggests as a starting point writing down "the parts of your life that must be in harmony".  This task is going to be difficult for most people because most people don't have a structure or frame of reference in order to have a comprehensive view of what matters most.  Here's where the Empowered Wealth Mindset and the concepts of True Wealth, The Four Keys, and Dynamic Balance can be invaluable.  Coupled with Mask's ideas, this good be a very productive, "winning" combination.



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Is Work Life Balance a Myth?
Work life balance is talked about often, but most find it nearly impossible to achieve. A different recipe for your career and home life could be a must.

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