January 25th, 2012

A Secret to Abundance

By Ron Nakamoto

Viktor Frankl was a holocaust survivor who wrote about his experiences and insights in one of the great books of the 20th century “Man’s Search for Meaning.” His observations about what sustained his fellow survivors while most perished have enlightened many philosophers, psychologists, and students of the mind and of the human condition. The ability to share and to consider others was one of Frankl’s key observations that he used to determine whether a fellow prisoner would continue to live or die. In this video, Lee Brower picks up on this idea and applies it to wealth and abundance.

If an individual isn’t sharing, isn’t giving but instead is closed and protecting or hording his or her wealth, then complacency and entitlement take hold. As he points out, some gifts can even be selfish and self-oriented if the gifts are made from an ego-driven frame of reference and not motivated by thoughts or feelings that are caring for others. Conversely, sharing and giving creates value and sustains life; it’s part of the secret to abundance and prosperity.

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