January 1st, 2014

A Poll, a "Huh?", and a Thought About The Next Step

By Ron Nakamoto

Here’s the summary from the 2013 Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index below:

“Although there are some generally positive economic signs going into the new year, including the rise in the stock market and the general uptick in consumer confidence, small-business owners evince mixed feelings about what 2014 will bring. Slightly more say they are less optimistic than more optimistic now than they were headed into 2013. Their views on the operating environment for their small business in 2014 are similarly divided — although slightly more positive than two years ago.

Some of small-business owners’ lack of optimism may be borne out of their concern about factors over which they have little direct control, including the economy, the government, and the implications of the rollout of the new healthcare law. Other concerns are more direct, including basic issues that are part of their competitive environment such as their ability to attract new customers and to find and retain good employees.”

My “huh?” has to do with “concern about factors over which they have little direct control”.  Maybe it’s obvious (since after all, we are EMPOWERED Wealth) but it sounds like there are a lot of small business owners who could use some work on empowering their thinking.  Given that the other “direct” concerns mentioned are issues that some of our marketing and CFO colleagues can address very well, isn’t it about time that “The Next Step” is a meeting of the minds on true small business collaboration?



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U.S. Small-Business Owners: Mixed Expectations for 2014

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