November 15th, 2012

A New Way to Learn

By Ron Nakamoto

All families have troubles in them. Problem-free families do not exist. Indeed, the challenges in families are family’s greatest gifts – Neale Donald Walsch

Recently, I had the privilege of attending a program sponsored by Impact Investment Leaders on Challenge Based Learning (CBL). Developed by Apple to leverage the use of its technology in classrooms, CBL provides a process model for learning. The model consists of five steps:

1. The big idea: the broad concept that’s to be explored;
2. The essential question: from many broad questions, an essential question to be pursued emerges;
3. The challenge: what’s a meaningful challenge that’s worth pursuing;
4. Guiding questions, activities, and resources;
5. Solutions.

When I read the quote above from Neale Donald Walsch, I was reminded of my recent experience with CBL. Family problems CAN be a gift, if they lead to solutions and new ways of being that empower families. Wouldn’t concepts, and tools like CBL help families address their problems?

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