February 10th, 2013

A New Verb:  Proact

By Ron Nakamoto

Simon Sinek wrote the blog post below in which he introduces a new verb "proact", which means the opposite of "react".  More importantly he recounts his experience of being late for a train and how he transformed his thinking from reacting to proacting.  What also interested me was how he did "scenario planning" in the process, something that I'm currently exploring as a disciplined and intentional approach to planning of all sorts.  It's an #empoweredwealth way to "proact".

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Re:Focus: Don’t React…Proact
It’s 11:40am. A perfect summer’s day. Not too much humidity. The streets are alive with people. I’m in a taxi, trying to get through New York City traffic to Penn Station to catch my train to Washingt…

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