August 17th, 2014

A New Theme:  Create Wealth that Matters

By Ron Nakamoto

Designer Marc Ecko delivers what appears to at first glance to be a typical "think-like-a-creative" talk in the video below.  His message is based on three points, two of which are:

– Embrace the Mess, and;

– Be an "un-label" (i.e., don't do what the labels of society dictate that you do)

To me, this was pretty standard "be creative" stuff.  But Ecko's third point really grabbed my attention, particularly because of our work at Empowered Wealth.  Ecko admonished his audience to:


What might this idea suggest in Empowered Wealth terms?

What might a leader (family, business, or tribe of any sort) do with this idea?

What might an entrepreneur do with this idea as a mission?

(thanks to Mitch Joel and his Six Pixels of Separation blog for publishing the link to this video)



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Mark Ecko: Embrace the Mess
Whether it’s due to exclusive communities in your industry or a slavish devotion to page views, tweets, and awards, it’s easy to get caught up in pleasing others.…

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