March 21st, 2016

A Guru to a Guru and Life Coach: Lee Brower's Mother

By Ron Nakamoto

Lee Brower certainly doesn't call himself a guru, though others may do so. Yet in his 40 year career as an adviser, coach, and consultant to successful entrepreneurs he's managed to compile, synthesize, and integrate the hard-won wisdom from his many experiences with hundreds of entrepreneurs into a unique philosophical framework and a set of organizing principles that have made him a popular and in demand "guru" of sorts and life coach. This unique body of work, curated and honed through countless interactions with entrepreneurs in numerous industries, blends the love of family, financial success, deeply held values, and the responsibilities of leadership into a compelling mindset which he calls The Empowered Wealth Mindset.

Growing up in Southern California, working in his family's produce business, he developed the habits of hard work and persistence that characterize successful working class families. In addition, his mother had a very powerful impact on him. She kept an open home policy, never letting a stranger go hungry, even if they were unkempt drifters. For Lee, helping and caring for others has become a deeply ingrained way of life. This video captures the powerful impact that his mother has had on Lee's life, his philosophy, and his work.


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