December 29th, 2014

A Different Perspective on Dynamic Balance

By Ron Nakamoto

To address the issue of work/life balance, Empowered Wealth employs a concept called "Dynamic Balance". This concept attempts to describe a sense of shifting focus and attention on the four Brower Quadrants and the four keys that Lee Brower coaches with his clients. The article below describes a different approach to work-life balance developed by Wharton professor Stewart Friedman. Essentially, Friedman encourages us to "be real, be whole, be innovative". I would say that Empowered Wealth's principles, concepts, and tools are very much in alignment with Friedman's ideas with the addition of "be a leader", "create leverage", and "be in Gratitude".



Integrating Work and Life, by Knowledge@Wharton
Often times we can feel overwhelmed by what we see as competing values: how can I be a good family member, a loving spouse, a supportive friend, pursue my hobbies and interests and maintain my career? For many of us integrating all of these elements into a fulfilling and rewarding personal life and career is difficult. Stewart D. Friedman’s book, “Leading the Life You Want”, gives insight on how to create harmony between these components. This pi…

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